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Who We Are

Donya Foods operates from dedicated, on-site departments. Each focusses on every detail of our business to ensure our customers receive a seamless, high quality service and product delivery. Since 2013, Donya Foods have been one of the leading wholesalers in the UK.

With our extensive range prepared food, pickles, jams, pastes, dried fruits, dried herbs and nuts and seeds, we have products to suit every business, from corner shops and food stores to vast shopping centres, hotels and restaurants.

One & One Products

One & One is a well-known Iranian food company that specializes in traditional Persian cuisine. One & One offers a broad menu of tasty dishes that capture the essence of traditional Iranian flavors, with a commitment to quality and a love for preserving Iran’s rich culinary heritage. Their meticulously prepared dishes represent the best of Iranian cuisine, from aromatic kebabs to savory stews. One & One ensures that each bite is an authentic flavor of Iran by focusing on high-quality ingredients and strict quality control techniques. Whether you like Cheol Kabab, Gheimeh, Fesenjan, or Zereshk Polo, One & One has something for everyone. Furthermore, their catering services offer a spectacular dining experience for special events and groups. Choose One & One for a genuine Iranian culinary trip that will bring Iran’s flavors to your table.

Canned Sour Cherry

Experience the Vivid Taste Adventure of Cherries at their Tart Best, Captured Perfectly in our Conveniently Packaged Cans

Pickled Cucumber

Enjoy the Perfect Crunch and Tangy Delight of our Expertly Pickled Cucumbers, a Classic Companion to Any Meal

Nuts & Seeds

Explore the amazing world of our Nuts & Seeds products, where nutritional meets delicious! Each nut and seed we offer is a little powerhouse, filled with important vitamins, proteins, and healthy fats created by nature to nourish your body and awaken your senses. Try our almonds for their earthy richness, cashews for their sweet, buttery tones, or sunflower seeds for their delicate crunch. Experience the thrill of the unusual with our hard-to-find variations, or relax with our classic selection. Whether you’re a health-conscious foodie, an adventurous epicure, or simply looking for a wholesome snack alternative, you’ll discover that our precisely sourced, quality-guaranteed nuts and seeds are more than just foods, but a lifestyle choice that combines health with delightful indulgence. Explore our Nuts & Seeds products¬†and take your taste buds on a wholesome adventure!

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